Ha Giang Loop 1 Day: Price, Itinerary, 3 Tips For The Greatest Trip

Ha Giang loop is considered as one of the most interesting trips in the northern province of Vietnam. With the Ha Giang loop 1 day, where should we go to discover Ha Giang as much as possible? Check out the suggested itinerary below.

Ha Giang beautiful river
Ha Giang loop 1 day is an interesting experience

Itinerary for Ha Giang loop 1 day

As usual, all of the travelers would start the Ha Giang loop 1 day from Ha Giang city. Departure time will be from early morning then come back in the morning of the next day. However, from this city, there are many choices for the travelers to explore this beautiful province.

Ha Giang city – Quan Ba Heaven Gate – Yen Minh – Dong Van

This Ha Giang loop 1 day will lead you to the reputed traveling districts such as Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Dong Van.

After taking late night bus to Ha Giang city, you can rent vehicle from Ha Giang motorbike rental service to start the trip in the early morning. So you can eat something in Ha Giang city. The road to Quan Ba Heaven Gate would take you about more than 1 hour driving along Highway 4C.

When you are driving, you can see the romantic sunrise in the pristine natural sky. And on Highway 4C you will go through one of the most breathtaking Ha Giang pass, which is Bac Sum Pass. It would be the most memorable experience when admiring the whole scenery from Quan Ba Heaven Gate, especially the extraordinary beauty of Quan Ba twin mountain.

Ha Giang scenery
Beautiful view from Quan Ba Heaven Gate

The next destination is Yen Minh district. It takes you nearly 2 hours driving with about 60 km. After getting here, you can have lunch and take a break in a homestay. There are many places you can go to in Yen Minh such as Yen Minh pine forest, Tham Ma Slope, Du Gia Ha Giang,etc.

Ha Giang yen minh
Yen Minh district is so amazing

The let’s straight to the last place of the Ha Giang loop 1 day, Dong Van Ha Giang. Dong Van District attracts tourists with its pristine and awe-inspiring beauty. Everyone who comes here feels small in the face of the majestic mountains and forests in this place.

You can consider some famous sightseeing in Dong Van such as Lung Cu Flagpole, Dong Van Karst Plateau, Pao’s House, etc. In the evening, you can have dinner and spend the night in Dong Van then go home the next day.

Ha Giang Loop amazing
Dong Van, Ha Giang attracts many tourists

Ha Giang city – Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng – Meo Vac

This suggestion is so amazing with 3 major destinations Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng Pass and Meo Vac.

From Ha Giang city, you should eat something to prepare for the 3 hours of driving to Dong Van. When arriving there, you can take a break to eat in this district. You should try some specialties like thang co, five-color sticky rice, au tau porridge, and dried buffalo meat.

Ha Giang specialties
Five-color sticky rice is must-try dish

After having gathered enough energy to go on, pick up your backpacks and head to Ma Pi Leng Pass. This pass is famous for its altitude of over 2000 meters and breathtaking bends, challenging even the most skilled adventurers. From this pass, you can admire the romantic beauty of the Nho Que River.

Ha Giang pass in Dong Van
Ma Pi Leng Pass is a breathtaking route

Just follow the route of Ma Pi Leng Pass, and you will reach Meo Vac. Meo Vac is located in the northern part of Ha Giang province, and it is a purely agricultural region in the mountainous area. When you visit Meo Vac, you will be immediately impressed by the distinctive cultural characteristics of the ethnic minorities living here, especially the H’Mong people.

Meo Vac district
Meo Vac Ha Giang has fascinating beauty

You can experience a cozy evening with local people here. This will help you learn more about their customs. One more thing you can not miss is Meo Vac market or Lung Phin market, which usually takes place on the weekend.

Ha Giang city – Nam Hong Village – Hoang Su Phi – Xin Man

You can take Ha Giang loop 1 day to Nam Hong, Hoang Su Phi and Xin Man.

The best time for this itinerary is Ha Giang weather in September. Because Ha Giang steps over the ripe rice season and pleasant weather for traveling.

To start this Ha Giang loop in 1 day, you should prepare a motorbike with a good engine to conquer challenging roads. The first destination is Nam Hong village, which is an ideal location to admire golden paddy terraces.

Ha Giang paddy terraces
Golden paddy terraces in Nam Hong

Nam Hong is a village of Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang so you can easily come to other attractions. Hoang Su Phi will show you how the beauty of nature is, bring you the feelings of peace, relaxation. This place would help you refresh the soul.

Hoang Su Phi scenery
Hoang Su Phi scenery is admired from above

Xin Man Ha Giang is the “neighbor” of Hoang Su Phi with nearly 2 hours of driving. In Xin Man, you can explore the uniqueness of nature creation in Fairy Cave or Thien Thuy Cave, and the fairyland of Suoi Thau Plateau. You should spend the night in Xin Man then go home in the morning.

Suoi Thau in Ha GIANG
Fairyland Suoi Thau plateau

Expenses for Ha Giang loop 1 day

What are the expenses that tourists should care about for Ha Giang loop 1 day? Let me tell you to prepare better.

  • Transportation expense: If you use your own motorbike, it would take about 100.000VND to 150.000VND. But it is recommended to use motorbike rental with the price of 200.000VND or Ha Giang motorbike tour.
  • Food expense: The price of each meal is about 30.000VND to 50.000VND. If you have meal in the restaurant, it costs about 100.00VND to 200.000VND.
  • Accommodation expense: Price in homestay per night costs from 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND.
  • Utilities expense: You should bring along an amount of money to pay for some unplanned expense.
Ha Giang motorbike
Transportation expense is so important

Give you 3 helpful tips for Ha Giang loop 1 day

To a newbie for traveling in Ha Giang, you should care for these helpful tips.

  • Driving carefully: As you know, the road in Ha Giang is so dangerous so you should not be distracted while on the road.
  • Remembering the road: You are newly comers, so learn by heart the road to stay away from getting lost,
  • Prepare for good health: Exploring Ha Giang would need good health because you have to move all the time. So preparing a good health is so important to enjoy the trip entirely.
helpful tips for Ha Giang travel
Prepare well for your trip

This is information for the Ha Giang loop 1 day. I hope with this article, you will have a favorable trip in Ha Giang.

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