Lung Tao: Don’t Miss This Best PlaceTo See Buckwheat Flower

Lung Tao is a miniature painting of the beautiful and majestic Ha Giang. And perhaps you will be captivated by this land from the very first time you set foot here. Is this worth believing or not? The following article will help you find a satisfactory answer.

Natural in Lung Tao (1)
A border commune with stunning natural landscapes

Where is Lung Tao located in Ha Giang?

Lung Tao is located in Dong Van district, Ha Giang. It is approximately 20km away from the center of Ha Giang.

As a border commune, Lung Tao is divided into 16 hamlets with a total area of over 21km2, mainly inhabited by ethnic minority people. The local residents maintain a traditional way of life, cultivating fields to make a living. Despite the poverty, they greet each day with smiles on their faces.

You will be amazed by the natural landscape here. It is rustic, authentic, close-knit, and peaceful, just like the people themselves. If you have visited the Dong Van Karst Plateau, make sure to visit this border commune as well.

The commune is located near the center of Dong Van Karst Plateau
The commune is located near the center of Dong Van Karst Plateau

Means of transportation to Lung Tao commune

You have various options when it comes to transportation to Lung Tao. If you are not familiar with the roads, have limited driving skills, or are traveling to Ha Giang with your family, including children and elderly people, it is recommended to take a bus. Choosing a bus will save you effort and time during the journey.

When traveling from your starting point to Ha Giang by bus, to reach Lung Tao, you can choose to take a taxi, Ha Giang motorbike rental, or join a tour. Currently, there are tours available, such as the 3-night Ha Giang tour, that include both motorbike and car transportation. In motorbike tours, the local guides will handle the driving, so you can rest assured. However, if you opt for a car tour, you will need to walk if you wish to explore the deeper parts of the village.

Means of transportation to Lung Tao commune
Young people often choose motorcycles to explore and travel to places like Lung Tao and other destinations in Ha Giang

For adventure enthusiasts who want to explore, traveling by personal motorbike is a popular choice. Traveling by personal motorbike allows you to save on rental costs, although it may take more time to travel from your starting point to Ha Giang.

The routes in this area also have challenging sections. When traveling by motorbike, it is important to pay attention and observe your surroundings to ensure your own safety.

The allure of Lung Tao, Ha Giang

Amidst the rugged mountain highlands, Lung Tao appears like a poetic beauty nestled among the slopes. The scenery here not only exudes simplicity, rusticity, and antiquity but also carries a touch of romance. Below are the captivating features of this border village:

Admiring the buckwheat flowers

Among the various destinations to admire buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang, Lung Tao ranks among the top places for witnessing the most beautiful blooms. These buckwheat flowers are not only cultivated in fields and mountain slopes but can also be easily spotted along the roads surrounding the village, proudly showcasing their vibrant colors.

Amidst the grand and pristine nature, the buckwheat flowers of Lung Tao enhance the landscape, adding a gentle and dreamy touch. You will be enchanted by the delicate petals, fragrant scent, and the white and pink hues of the flowers, all contributing to a vibrant ambiance in this area.

The buckwheat flowers in Lung Tao
The buckwheat flowers are abundant here, they can be found everywhere

With the vast flower fields, you will capture stunning and picturesque photos. Ladies, don’t forget to wear lovely and adorable dresses to take photos with the flowers.

Visiting Ha Sung Ancient House

This landmark is located in Ha Sung village, near the Sa Phin crossroads, right after the Cat’s Ear Rock Valley. It is approximately 3km from the crossroads.

The structure and design of the house are likened to the Vuong family mansion. Ha Sung Ancient House was built on a rocky hill and dates back over a century. Its architecture is a combination of the Mong and Southern Chinese cultures.

The overall structure of the ancient house is divided into three blocks, with the middle block being higher than the other two. The house is made of wood and stone, and the roof is constructed with sturdy tiled roofs by a group of craftsmen from Southern China.

Ha Sung Ancient House
The famous ancient house has an architectural style similar to the Vuong’s Palace

In the past, Ha Sung House was the largest and most prestigious mansion in the region. Up until the present time, the house has witnessed seven generations living there.

When you visit, you will be impressed not only by the unique design of the house but also by the stone bathtub built in the middle of the courtyard and the floral motifs adorned throughout the house. You will feel like you have stepped into an ancient and traditional space from a long time ago.

Admiring the ancient wall houses

Not only known for Ha Sung House, Lung Tao is also famous for its ancient wall houses with stone walls surrounding the houses, walls made of yellowish earth stained by time, and weathered thatched roofs.

Most of the houses here have been built for a long time. However, the design and architecture of the houses remain sturdy. Despite enduring the test of time with rain, storms, and harsh weather, these houses still retain their original design and carry the strong cultural heritage of the ethnic minorities living here. In particular, along the roads in the commune, there are rows of “sa moc” trees providing a cool and beautiful green shade, reminiscent of the European scenery in famous movies.

Admiring the ancient wall houses
All the houses in the commune have been built for a long time

Enjoying Delicious Food

With the fame of the buckwheat triangle in Lung Tao, there is no reason for you to miss out on the buckwheat cake when you come here. This natural cake has a unique and extremely enticing flavor.

Sitting, admiring the scenery, and savoring the sweet, fragrant, rich, and flavorful cake is truly wonderful. In addition, there are also dishes like Kim rice paper rolls, steamed rolled cakes, thang co (a local specialty), mem mem (a traditional dish), buffalo meat, cured sausages, and more for you to try. Surely, these mountainous and forest-flavored dishes will leave a lasting impression on you.

Triangle oat cakes
Triangle oat cakes are a highly enticing dish

Exploring the Culture and Life of Indigenous People

The highland locals truly have a great appeal that encourages you to explore and learn. It’s their friendliness and the warm smiles on their faces as they work in the fields or children playing joyfully on the streets that captivate you

You can sit down and have conversations with the people here, listen to their stories to learn about their lives and the unique aspects of their culture. And you will have memorable photographs taken alongside the locals as well.

The people in Lung Tao
The people in Lung Tao commune are very simple and rustic

Which season is the most beautiful in Lung Tao?

As a destination known for its triangle oat flowers, you may wonder about the best time to visit. To witness the breathtaking natural scenery adorned with vibrant pink flowers amidst the mountainous plateau, it’s recommended to visit Lung Tao in October, November, or December. This is when the oat flowers bloom abundantly on the rocks, and the border commune showcases its most beautiful landscapes.

If you’re unable to visit during this time, you can still explore the area during other seasons throughout the year. The scenery and nature in Lung Tao remain majestic, captivating, and dreamlike, providing delightful experiences regardless of the time of year.

Lung Tao (3)
The natural scenery in Lung Tao is beautiful all year round

Tips for visiting Lung Tao commune:

As it is a border commune, transportation can be challenging, so it’s recommended to choose a motorcycle for convenience.

If you’re unfamiliar with the route, you can use a Ha Giang tourist map or ask the local people for directions. However, when asking for directions, it’s important to use polite language to show respect to the local residents.

Lung Tao is located quite close to Dong Van town, so you can plan your visit for a day and then return to the town for rest and meals. If you want to experience the life of the local people, you can ask them for homestay accommodation.

Don’t forget to bring a fully charged phone and have an internet connection to take photos or use for navigation when needed.

Wear comfortable and lightweight clothing along with sports shoes for easy movement.

Lung Tao (2)
The intimate, rustic, and familiar beauty

I hope that with this shared information, you will gain more travel experience in Lung Tao. Wishing you a joyful and safe journey.

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