Travel To Ha Giang In May: Weather Conditions, Top-Notch Food

When you visit Ha Giang in May of the next summer, the region’s mountains welcome the pouring water season. May in Ha Giang promises a plethora of unique things that visitors won’t be disappointed by. Keep an eye out to see what this land has planned for May!

Ha Giang tourism in May with interesting and interesting things

Ha Giang weather in May

Due to its high altitude, Ha Giang experiences a cooler climate than the plains in the northern region. It is part of the northeastern mountainous region, which experiences a humid tropical environment.

Although the Northern Delta may see temperatures as high as 38–40 degrees Celsius in May, Ha Giang experiences mild weather. Ha Giang’s weather is reasonably cool, averaging about 25 to 28 degrees Celsius.

The weather in Ha Giang is very pleasant for travelers in May

Many areas of Ha Giang, including Pho Cao, Sung La, Dong Van, Lung Cu, Meo Vac,…, have low, frigid temperatures, especially at night. In the summer, storms are unavoidable when visiting Ha Giang. Guests can still enjoy the excursion even with unexpected rains and little rain. As such, do not forget to pack umbrellas and rain gear for the duration of the journey.

What food should you try when visiting Ha Giang in May?

Along with taking in the breathtaking natural splendor of Ha Giang, guests may savor an abundance of exquisite food that showcase the robust flavors of the mountains.

Ha Giang’s food is incredibly diversified, in keeping with its distinctive culture of ethnic diversity. To experience the natural flavors of this region, try these delectable dishes.

Thang Co

Visitors must not miss Thang Co, a specialty of the Northern mountainous region. Although it is regarded as a very “weird” food, this typical H’mong traditional cuisine draws a lot of tourists due to its delectable taste.

Common foods that tourists visiting Ha Giang should try

All components of the horse are used to make this delicacy; even the large intestine is processed. Due to its extremely unique flavor, very few individuals have the courage to try this dish; but, once they do, they will become severely addicted.

Bac Me Lam Rice

Glutinous rice that has been soaked for a long period, rice water, bamboo, and banana leaves are the simple components involved in producing Bac Me Lam Rice.

Bac Me Lam Rice – one of the specialties visitors should try when coming to Ha Giang

One must remove the bamboo shell in order to access the aromatic sticky rice within this dish of rice called Bac Me Lam. Tempered with grilled chicken or sesame salt, lam rice is a tender and aromatic dish.

Au Tau porridge

A common dish in Ha Giang is au tau porridge, which has a dark brown hue, a meaty flavor, and the greasy taste of bone broth combined with the aroma of yellow glutinous rice mixed with finely cooked plain rice.

Au Tau Porridge – a delicious and healthy dish

All of these ingredients come together to make a very appealing dish. A bowl of au tau porridge is served warm on dewy nights.

Egg rolls

Enjoying egg rolls in the early morning of May in Ha Giang is a delightful experience. Because of the accompanying soup, egg rolls in the high mountains taste different from that in the South. You will never forget the taste of hot spring rolls accompanied with a hearty soup. Guests can have this meal at well-known Dong Van eateries.

Egg rolls with dipping sauce are quite strange compared to other regions

Attractions in Ha Giang for May visitors

Mountain ranges, rivers, and streams of Ha Giang have long been points of wonder. It becomes a popular destination for many travelers throughout the summer months. Let’s consider what makes Ha Giang attractive in May.

Visiting Hoang Su Phi during the season of pouring rain

Admiring the water season on the terraced fields of Hoang Su Phi is something you shouldn’t miss when visiting Ha Giang in the summer of May. You can snap creative pictures in the terraced fields and the water-glossy layers.

Ha Giang in the beautiful pouring season

Additionally, guests will appreciate a tranquil setting when visiting the countryside. When guests engage in daily activities like gathering firewood, weaving, etc., they can discover more about the beauty of the people’s simple way of life here.

Cloud-spotting in May’s summer

Many young individuals regularly choose to conquer and devour clouds in Chieu Lau Thi and Tay Con Linh. The vast sea of clouds floating in the morning sunlight as you reach the summit of a site that seems like something out of a fairy tale will undoubtedly make tourists flutter and create lifelong memories.

White clouds surround the mountains and forests of Ha Giang in May

Let’s take a deep breath, relish the crisp morning air, and lose ourselves in the enchanted realm of the cloud sea.

Admiring the plateau of Dong Van rock

Visitors will be in awe of the Dong Van Rock Plateau’s untamed splendor. at the center of an area covered in rough feline ears. Ha Giang in May, when the rocky plateau is covered in verdant greenery thanks to watering-cool showers.

Dong Van Stone Plateau – where visitors can see the stone slabs with strange shapes

Dong Van rock plateau’s beauty appears to be enriched; it is intensely vibrant and wild at the same time.

Additionally, there are a few locations in Ha Giang that you simply must see when traveling there in May.
Ma Pi Leng Pass
Nho Que River
Cat King Mansion
Pao’s house
Lung Cu flagpole
Tham Ma slope, ….

Nho Que River – a check-in place not to be missed when visitors come to Ha Giang

Ways for moving to Ha Giang

With so many transportation options, getting to Ha Giang is not too difficult. Travel options for visitors include motorbikes, autos, and passenger planes.


Travelers leaving Saigon mostly use airplanes as their mode of transportation. Presently, numerous airlines are offering flights to Hanoi, including Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, etc. From 680,000 to 1,300,000 VND per way, travelers can purchase airline tickets to Hanoi.

Tourists traveling from Saigon to Ha Giang first use airplanes as their mode of transportation

Next, decide whether to travel to Ha Giang via bus or rental motorcycle.


From My Dinh bus station, travelers visiting Ha Giang from Hanoi have the option of taking a night bus. You will arrive at Ha Giang between 5:00 am and 21:00 by leaving. You can be confident that the service on the bus is good because tickets cost between 250,000 and 300,000 VND each person.

Many buses travel the route between My Dinh and Ha Giang


To climb the breathtaking passes, you can rent a motorcycle in Ha Giang or leave from Hanoi if you decide to ride one during your May trip to Ha Giang. Not only is this a really engaging shape, but it also makes the trip more dynamic and quick.

Riding a motorbike through Ha Giang is an adventure that is worthwhile

Traveling from Hanoi to Ha Giang will take eight to ten hours due to the distance of over 300 kilometers. It is the duty of tourists to ensure their physical and mental well-being, maintain a firm hand when navigating the treacherous passes, and sate their sense of adventure.

You will pass through breathtaking scenery, make stops for rest, and drive along some of the most stunning routes while traveling.

What is a good May gift to buy in Ha Giang?

For additional options on special things to offer as gifts, see the information below. Among Ha Giang’s well-known delicacies are the following:

Caramel plum: A popular and much hunted fruit in Ha Giang is the red plum. Travelers purchase a great deal of red plums as gifts when the season arrives. People in the highlands benefit financially from that.

Tao Meo: For a long time, Apple Cat was no longer an odd name. since it serves as the primary ingredient in cat cider. A lot of travelers choose to give the cat apple as a gift because of its excellent therapeutic qualities.

Sausage: When visiting Ha Giang, tourists can select products to give their loved ones back home as gifts. There’s a good chance that tourists visiting Ha Giang are unlikely to experience this traditional cuisine.

Delicious sausages are very suitable as gifts in the Northeast region

Notes for May trip to Ha Giang

The following are the notes tourists should keep in their wallets to enhance and enrich their visit to Ha Giang:

  • Early planning and booking of bus, airline, and hotel reservations in Ha Giang are recommended in order to avoid ticket purchases.
  • Though there are frequent showers in May, the weather in Ha Giang is still pleasant, so pack raincoats or an umbrella for the trip.
  • Despite the fact that it is summer, you should pack extra clothing because the highlands have quite cold nights.
  • Bringing all necessary paperwork and thoroughly inspecting motorcycle components, such as the tires, brakes, lights, etc., before you ride is advised if you decide to go by motorcycle. The key to mastering twisting passages is to maintain a consistent steering speed.
  • You should always remember to pack insect repellent because the hilly environment of Ha Giang is home to a lot of mosquitoes and harmful insects!”
  • For a more meaningful experience, travelers visiting Ha Giang can pack books, candy, and school supplies to give to the local kids.
Tourists take pictures with highland children

Here is everything we would like to send guests regarding the May trip to Ha Giang. It is hoped that this post will provide readers with additional fundamental data regarding the trip. I hope your travels to Ha Giang are safe and full of fascinating adventures!

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