Bac Quang Ha Giang: Experiences And Tips From A Backpacker

Tourists who formerly visited Bac Quang Ha Giang always feel nostalgic when they depart, even if Ha Giang is not as well-known as Dong Van or Meo Vac. Let’s investigate this tourist location using the article below!

The beauty of terraced fields in Bac Quang Ha Giang

Some information about Bac Quang Ha Giang

National Highway 2 passes via Bac Quang, the southern entrance to the Ha Giang province, which is about 60 kilometers from the city of Ha Giang. Due to its location, Bac Quang is close to the following local landmarks:

  • The east borders Ham Yen district, Tuyen Quang province
  • The West borders Quang Binh district
  • The south borders Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province
  • The north borders Vi Xuyen district and Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province.
Bac Quang Ha Giang’s scenery

Thousands of tourists visit the several eco-tourism destinations in the Bac Quang district each year to experience them.

Bac Quang Ha Giang’s attractive places

When traveling to this country, travelers should not skip the following popular locations in Bac Quang Ha Giang:

Nam An eco-tourism area

The first tourist destination in the Bac Quang district is the 1000m-high Nam An eco-tourism region. The area has a cool environment and is surrounded by ancient forests, numerous tiny waterfalls, and a plethora of lush vegetation.

When the rice is mature, the Nam An terraced fields are what attracts visitors to this location. This is also the season when the majority of visitors arrive in Nam An to take in the picturesque natural landscape of the golden rice fields and breathe in the fresh air.

Many tourists travel to ecotourism destinations

In addition, Nam An is a site rich in traditional culture and customs since it is where the Dao ethnic group resides. As a result, tourists can practice singing Dao folk melodies, take part in festivals like Cap Sac and Fire Dancing, and get fully immersed in the cultural environment.

Tan Son Village: A Village of Spirituality and Culture

In Viet Quang town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang, Tan Son village is situated near the terminus of the Tay Con Linh range. The majority of the ethnic minorities in this area are Dao, making up over 90% of the population.

Many ancient cultural treasures are preserved in the cultural and tourist village

Tan Son village has excellent tourism potential because of its lovely terrain, varied and rich natural sceneries, cold climate, and distinctive traditional culture. Tan Son village has transformed in recent years into a popular cultural and spiritual tourism attraction, offering a variety of events infused with indigenous traditional culture, including inter-porn dance, coming-of-age ceremonies, folk songs, and folk dance.

Thac Thi tourist destination

When visiting Bac Quang Ha Giang, tourists should not skip Thac Thi. One of the most lyrical waterfalls in the country’s history, Thac Thi Waterfall is located about 1.5 km from the Bac Quang district’s center and was made possible by a stream that came from the Tay Con Linh range.

In the highlands and forests of Ha Giang, the white waterfall resembles a fairyland

Thac Thi Waterfall has four tiers, and all year long the water glides across the ancient forest like a delicate ribbon of peach silk. When visiting Thac Thi in the summer, guests can take in the stunning natural surroundings and immerse themselves in the refreshing water pouring from the upstream. Visitors can play and cool off freely in the pool at the base of the waterfall.

Tourist destination Quang Minh Lake

When visiting Bac Quang, many people continue to find the tourist region around Quang Minh Lake to be one of the most alluring. Tourists frequently visit this location to unwind, participate in enjoyable activities, and experience the special cultural setting that is brimming with the ethnic population of the Northeast Highlands’ traditional identity.

This area is popular with visitors who want to unwind

Nam Pau Cave

For those who are enthusiastic about adventure travel and love to explore and engage in new experiences, Nam Pau Cave is a desirable location. Compared to Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Nam Pau Cave is well known for its sparkling stalactites.

The beautiful stalactites inside Nam Pau cave

The cave’s entrance is roughly ten meters wide. However, the room expands to tens of thousands of square meters the further you go inside. The enigmatic natural mountain and forest setting outside the cave contains numerous secrets that pique the traveler’s interest and love for exploration.

Directions to Bac Quang Ha Giang

Two main routes require travelers to travel a considerable distance to get to Bac Quang Ha Giang:

Initial phase: Getting there from Hanoi to Ha Giang

The following are 2 routes that lead to Ha Giang City:

Route 1: 285 km long, with a toll station. Starting from Hanoi → Follow Kim Ma Street to Vo Chi Cong Street → Vinh Ngoc → Vo Nguyen Border Street, run for about 16 km, then turn right onto National Highway 2A → Turn through DT 131 and TDC 05 → Turn left onto National Highway 2C → At the roundabout of National Highway 2C – Tuyen Quang → Turn left onto National Highway 37, go about 5km, then turn left across An Hoan bridge → Go 3.9km, turn right to Doi Can Commune Medical Station and PL2 → Go straight for about 158 km, turn left to Ban Me – Vehicle → Turn right and follow the main road to Ha Giang

Route 2: 300 km long, no charge. Start from Hanoi → go to Thang Long Boulevard → Turn onto National Highway 21 → When you arrive at the roundabout, turn in the direction of QL32 → Go nearly 30 km, turn left onto QL32C → Go straight to Ngoc Thap Bridge → Run in the direction of DDT 320 → Phu Tho Vocational College turn left onto QL2 → Through the roundabout, turn left onto QL37 → Follow route 1 to Ha Giang.

The road from Hanoi to Ha Giang

Initial phase: Getting there from Ha Giang to Bac Quang

In order to get to Bac Quang district from the Ha Giang city center, tourists must first travel to Nguyen Trai street (national highway 2) and then continue driving on the national highway.

You won’t have to worry about transportation to Bac Quang if you arrive in Ha Giang by private automobile. However, travelers who choose to travel to Ha Giang by motorcycle must continue to locate efficient modes of transportation. A motorcycle is the best choice at this moment. Rental rates for scooters and digital automobiles start at under 500,000 VND and 250,000 VND, respectively, in Ha Giang.

The best option for the journey is a motorcycle

Means of transport to Bac Quang Ha Giang

Visitors can select one of the available modes of transportation to go to Bac Quang Ha Giang:

Private automobiles

Young people frequently choose private autos because of the experiences they can have on the way to defeat Bac Quang. The endeavor to defeat Bac Quang by own methods will truly deliver excellent experiences to young people who are passionate about exploration.

Visitors who travel by private automobile can set their own schedules

Moving to Bac Quang is not simple, though, as there are numerous slopes and twists on the route from Hanoi to Ha Giang. You should select a safer vehicle if your health is not optimal, if you have never driven a long distance, or if your car needs maintenance.


When traveling to conquer Bac Quang Ha Giang, coach buses will be the mode of transportation that travelers favor the most. Most buses to Ha Giang are sleeper buses, and many of the routes are operated at night to allow travelers to maximize their time and see more sites. Bus tickets to Ha Giang cost only 180,000 VND each, which is also a very affordable price.

There are numerous trustworthy bus companies to pick from

Tourist car

Following tours reserved by travel companies, tourist automobiles are the preferred transportation option for groups of tourists. Traveling by tourist car is the most economical choice when there are ten or more passengers.

For travelers taking tours, tourist vehicles are appropriate

Selecting a reliable and high-quality rental car company when making your reservation. Both parties must thoroughly monitor the contract once it is signed by both parties to make sure that all of its terms are in line with the original understanding.

Some travel-related experiences in Bac Quang Ha Giang

When visiting Bac Quang Ha Giang, visitors should keep the following in mind:

  • Weather: Many visitors have said that the spring and fall are the best times to visit this area. There isn’t much rain, it’s not too cold outside, and the scenery is stunning.
  • Accommodations: Bac Quang Ha Giang tourism hasn’t really taken off, thus there aren’t many lodging and dining options. As a result, the majority of visitors arrive at Bac Me and spend just one day admiring its beauty.
  • Supplies: Visitors should bring drinks, snacks, and a few essentials like sunscreen and insect repellent.
Visitors can have a successful journey by keeping all of the relevant notes in their pockets

We hope to provide visitors with the information about Bac Quang Ha Giang that is listed above. Hopefully, tourists will take note of beneficial experiences for your forthcoming trip after reading the above material. I hope your trip is successful and fun!

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