Top 5 Affordable Motorbike Rental Services in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang

 If you don’t know where to rent a motorbike to discover Ha Giang, check out these 5 Vi Xuyen motorbike rental address in Ha Giang below. There is nothing better than exploring the roads of Ha Giang by motorbike.

rent a motorbike address
There is nothing better than exploring the roads of Ha Giang by motorbike

Top 5 list of affordable motorbike rental in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang

Here are the top 5 addresses for renting motorbikes in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang that we have compiled to make your selection easier. Although these rental addresses are not available in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang, they all offer shipping and delivery services, so customers in Vi Xuyen can completely trust these addresses.

1. Hà Giang Amazing Tour

Contact information:

  • Address: 123A Ly Thuong Kiet, Ngoc Ha, Ha Giang
  • Phone: 0915 635 9690915 635 969 (Zalo)
  • Rental fees: 180,000 to 550,000 VND

Ha Giang Amazing Tour is one of the well-known places for Ha Giang motorbike rental, with many years of experience. It was separated from Amazing Hostel, founded by a young local person who understands the difficult terrain and the psychology and character of tourists when they come to Ha Giang.

rent a motorbike address
Hà Giang Amazing Tour’s services are always ready to serve customers with the utmost enthusiasm

Although newly established, Ha Giang Amazing Tour has achieved many successes, especially the trust of most customers who choose Ha Giang Amazing Tour to rent motorbikes. To achieve such success, Ha Giang Amazing Tour has provided customers with meaningful experiences, such as:

  • Door-to-door shipping service to areas where customers need to use motorbikes throughout Ha Giang province, so tourists who want to rent motorbikes in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang can easily do so here.
  • Customers who rent motorbikes with driver service will be driven by a local person here, who acts as both a driver and a tour guide. As they were born and raised in Ha Giang, they understand the terrain well and ensure safe driving for tourists. They have a good knowledge of tourist destinations and the culture of ethnic groups, bringing the best experiences to customers.
  • Ready to answer any questions and requests for assistance from customers 24/7.
  • Optimizing all costs to ensure that all types of tourists can experience the services of Hà Giang Amazing Tour.
  • Customers who have deposited to rent motorbikes but have an unexpected event that prevents them from renting as planned will be refunded by Ha Giang Amazing Tour if they request cancellation one week to 10 days in advance.
  • When renting a motorbike at Ha Giang Amazing Tour, customers will receive accompanying items that ensure convenience and safety, such as helmets, travel maps, raincoats, straps, arm and leg guards, drinking water, and face masks.


Contact information:

  • Address: Group 1, Cau Me Village, Phuong Thien Commune, Ha Giang Province
  • Rental cost: From 200,000 VND to 550,000 VND

Motogo is one of the well-known motorbike rental chains in Ha Giang province, known by many tourists both in and outside the province. Currently, Motogo has exclusive locations from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Ninh Binh.

The Motogo rental location is situated near the Ha Giang bus station, making it easy for tourists traveling to Ha Giang by car to rent a motorbike and travel to various destinations.

rent a motorbike address
Motogo always delivers the most enjoyable and comfortable experience for customers

In addition, at Motogo, customers can experience a pick-up and drop-off service at two different locations. For some customers who cannot return the rental bike to the same rental location, they can drop it off at other locations within the Motogo system. For example, a customer who rents a bike in Ha Giang and returns it in Hanoi only needs to ensure it is within the Motogo system.

3. Giang Son Motorbike Rental Shop

Contact Information:

  • Address: Km 3 Cau Me, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang (400m from Ha Giang bus station)
  • Phone: 0941.719.955
  • Rental cost: 150,000 VND

When it comes to motorbike rental locations in Ha Giang, one cannot ignore Giang Son Motorbike Rental Shop. Compared to other rental shops, Giang Son is highly praised for its fast and efficient rental process. Customers can rent motorbikes 24/7 at any time of the day.

The rental cost at Giang Son Motorbike Rental Shop is extremely reasonable, suitable for many travelers, especially for students exploring Ha Giang. Young people who arrive in Ha Giang late at night or early in the morning and have not found a place to stay can shower and rest for free here.

rent a motorbike address
Visitors can choose to rent a motorbike at any time

4. Hang Huong Motorbike Rental Shop

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 15B Pham Hong Thai Street – Group 17 – Minh Khai Ward – Ha Giang City
  • Phone: 0836.399.888 (Zalo) & 0398.399.888
  • Rental fee: 200,000 VND

Hang Huong Motorbike Rental Shop is a place where tourists can choose from various types of motorcycles that suit their transportation needs. The shop offers several popular motorcycle models such as scooters, manual motorcycles, big bikes, win bikes, and wave 110. Depending on the model, the rental fee varies accordingly.

rent a motorbike address
Hang Huong motorcycle rental shop provides a variety of different vehicle models

Furthermore, the shop provides free advice to tourists regarding tourist destinations, dining places, and accommodations, ensuring that tourists have the best experience while exploring Ha Giang.

5. Hong Hao Motorbike Rental Shop

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 10 Pham Hong Thai Street – Minh Khai Ward – Ha Giang City
  • Phone: 0836.399.888 (Zalo) & 0398.399.888
  • Rental fee: 200,000 VND

For travelers who have arrived in Ha Giang and are unsure where to rent a motorbike, they can consider Hong Hao Motorbike Rental Shop. Although the shop doesn’t offer a wide variety of models, most of the bikes here are brand new and powerful enough to climb hills and mountain passes.

The rental fee at Hong Hao is also considered reasonable by many travelers, suitable for those who want to explore Ha Giang. Unlike other motorbike rental shops, Hong Hao bases the rental fee on the bike model, not the brand.

rent a motorbike address
The rental cost at Hồng Hà is quite reasonable, suitable for a wide range of customers

When renting a motorbike here, travelers will be provided with some necessary items for the trip such as helmets, straps, etc. Additionally, the shop also offers services for customers to shower and sleep overnight if they haven’t found a suitable guesthouse or hotel. With attentive and enthusiastic service, the shop quickly gains the trust of many travelers.

Notes to know when renting a motorbike in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang

Not all tourists are familiar with the necessary notes to know when renting a motorbike in Ha Giang, and in other provinces and cities in general. Don’t worry, let us give you some helpful tips for renting a motorbike in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang for a more enjoyable travel experience.

  • Do research on motorbike rental providers before choosing one to rent from.
  • Once you have chosen a rental provider, contact the store owner to confirm the price and necessary documents.
  • Prepare all necessary personal documents to bring with you such as your ID card, driver’s license, etc.
  • Each rental provider will have different methods for calculating the rental time, so be sure to clarify this to avoid misunderstandings when returning the bike.
  • Check the bike thoroughly for safety, including gas, brakes, and tires, before accepting it.
  • Take a photo of the bike before accepting it to avoid any disputes if there are any issues when returning the bike.
  • If renting multiple bikes for a large group, consider having a rental contract to ensure there is a record for any possible disputes.
rent a motorbike address
Choose a suitable motorbike rental company to make your journey of exploring Ha Giang more meaningful

Above are the top 5 reputable and quality Vi Xuyen motorbike rental addresses with extremely reasonable prices that we have compiled. We hope that with the rental addresses we provide, you will be able to choose a suitable motorbike rental company to make your journey of exploring Ha Giang more meaningful. Wishing you a safe, enjoyable, and exciting trip.

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