Ha Giang 2-Day Trip: Cost, Itinerary, and Must-try Activities

If you’re exhausted from the noise and pollution of the city and seeking a peaceful place for your soul, then the Ha Giang loop 2 days tour is perfect for you. This itinerary may not cover all of Ha Giang’s beauty, but it will provide you with a chance to rejuvenate your soul after long hours of work in a new land.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
A 2-day 1-night travel itinerary is suitable for those who want a refreshing getaway

The 2-day, 1-night itinerary for traveling to Ha Giang is a journey that won’t cost you your entire youth

The 2-day, 1-night itinerary for Ha Giang loop is highly suitable for young people who have limited time for traveling, especially those who work in an office and only have weekends off.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
Traveling to Hà Giang will be much more enjoyable if you have a specific itinerary.

Certainly, with a 2 days 1 night itinerary, you won’t be able to explore all the beauty of Ha Giang because it usually takes 3 to 4 days to visit all the famous destinations in this mountainous region. However, don’t worry, with the following itinerary, you will still have the opportunity to experience the highlights of Ha Giang while having enough time to rest after exhausting work days.

Day 1: Hanoi – Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Dong Van

To save time, we travel to Ha Giang at 11 PM the previous night so that we can arrive early the next morning. At 6 AM the next day, we are at the bus station in Ha Giang city. As planned, we quickly move to the Ha Giang motorbike rental service and find a place to satisfy our hungry stomachs.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
Check in at landmark 0 Ha Giang

Our goal tonight is to reach Dong Van, so we quickly finish our meal and hit the road towards Dong Van. From Ha Giang city, we pass through some famous landmarks such as:

  • Bac Sum Slope
  • Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate
  • Twin Mountains of Co Tien

At each destination, we take breaks and capture photos to commemorate the moments. You might think that Ha Giang has been photographed many times, so what’s the point of taking more pictures. That’s only because you haven’t fully experienced the beauty of these lands yet. I love this place, so each photo I take carries different emotions.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate seen from above offers a breathtaking view.

From Quan Ba to Dong Van, we will pass through Yen Minh town. Surely, those who have been to Yen Minh know about Yen Minh pine forest, which is called a miniature Da Lat in Ha Giang. However, personally, I find Yen Minh pine forest has its own unique beauty compared to Da Lat, so it’s better to remember it by the name Yen Minh pine forest.

I heard that Yen Minh’s rice is delicious, so we arrived here right at noon to taste the flavors of Yen Minh rice. Indeed, it’s just simple local dishes, but they are incredibly satisfying. It might also be because we have been traveling since morning and feeling tired.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
The road passes through the Yên Minh pine forest

After the meal, we leave Yen Minh and continue our journey to Dong Van. Passing through this road, we cannot miss Pho Bang, a small village with unique architectural houses. About 1 to 2 kilometers from Pho Bang is the Suong La Valley, a famous land known as “The Home of Pao.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
The famous place “Pao’s House”

If you travel to Ha Giang in winter, you will be able to admire vast, expansive fields of triangular buckwheat blossoms in vibrant colors. The straight path leads to Sa Phin Heaven’s Gate, where standing at this point, you can fully appreciate the beauty of Ha Giang. Nearby, there is the Vuong family’s mansion and the old ancient houses of wealthy Hmong families.

We reached Dong Van at around 5 PM, completed our bathing, and had our meal right at the homestay. After that, we visited Dong Van Night Market and discovered many fascinating things about the people of Ha Giang. After spending some time there, we returned to our room to rest and prepare for the next day’s journey.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
Snacking at the night market

Day 2: Dong Van, Lung Cu Flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang

Because it was too cold, we overslept until 7 AM. Hurriedly, we did our personal hygiene and quickly headed to the stone-paved ancient town for breakfast. Luckily, we stayed near Dong Van Old Quarter, so it was convenient to go to the Old Quarter.

After breakfast, we moved up to Lung Cu Flagpole. Although I have been to the flagpole many times, every time I come to Ha Giang, whether it’s a short or long itinerary, I always try to visit this landmark to express my sincere admiration for this beautiful land before returning home.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
Lung Cu flagpole flutters 54m2 wide flag in the wind

Oh, on the way to Lung Cu, you should take the Ma Le route. This stretch of road has incredibly vast triangular buckwheat fields that I accidentally discovered when I got lost. Beautiful things are often hidden well.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
The vast buckwheat triangle fields stretch along the Ma Le road.

Leaving Lung Cu Flagpole, we went straight to Meo Vac, which was not far away. On the way to Meo Vac, we conquered one of Vietnam’s four great mountain passes, Ma Pi Leng Pass. No matter how many times I have traveled this road, I cannot deny the grandeur of this mountain pass. It’s an experience that you will find hard to forget in your lifetime.

Having crossed Ma Pi Leng Pass many times, I still deeply love this mountain pass road. It provides a thrilling and suspenseful feeling while being incredibly gentle and curvaceous. When we reached the peak of Ma Pi Leng Pass, we stopped for a while, then quickly returned to Ha Giang City to return the motorbikes and start our journey back to Hanoi.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
The dangerous Ma Pi Leng road.

Where to stay for a 2-day, 1-night trip to Ha Giang?

The 2-day, 1-night trip to Ha Giang is usually chosen by young people who are primarily looking for a relaxing getaway. Therefore, the choice of accommodation is crucial. I have experienced almost all types of accommodations in Ha Giang, and I have learned that if you want a leisurely stay with rest and relaxation, it’s best to choose resorts, bungalows, or homestays. However, if you travel during the winter season, especially in December, be aware that these types of accommodations can get quite cold.

Ha Giang loop 2 day
Homestay we stay in Ha Giang

I have experienced almost all types of accommodations in Ha Giang and have gathered some recommendations for places with good service and a relaxing surrounding view. These are definitely worth trying out:

  • H’Mong Village Resort
  • Pa’piu Resort
  • Panhou Retreat
  • Hoang Su Phi Lodge
  • Nam Ly Bungalow

H’Mong Village, a resort shaped like a unique Mong ethnic basket, is unparalleled in Ha Giang

Additionally, I can also suggest some low-cost accommodations that still meet your resting needs, such as:

  • Chi Tai Homestay
  • Skyview Khanh Dinh
  • Trong Phu Homestay
  • A Kiet Homestay
  • Du Gia Homestay
Ha Giang loop 2 day
Du Gia Homestay

Essential tips for a fulfilling and meaningful 2-day, 1-night trip to Ha Giang

To have a complete and enjoyable 2-day, 1-night trip to Ha Giang, you will undoubtedly need some tips that I am about to share. Although the experiences I have gained might not be extensive enough to fulfill all your expectations, they will surely help you avoid unnecessary risks during your.

Well, quickly take out your pen to jot down the valuable experiences that I have accumulated after a few short trips, especially the 2-day, 1-night trip to Ha Giang.

  • If you visit Ha Giang in the summer, whether it’s for a short or long period, make sure to bring a lightweight jacket with you. Don’t underestimate the hot weather during the day in Ha Giang, but when it gets to nightfall, the temperature drops, and it can get quite chilly. Don’t let a single cold night affect the following days of your trip.
  • The main attractions in Ha Giang are hills and high mountains that require a lot of hiking. It’s advisable to bring a pair of sports shoes for easier movement.
  • When traveling on mountainous roads, especially on winding routes, it’s common to encounter mechanical issues with your vehicle. So, remember to bring a personal toolkit to temporarily rescue your “horse” if needed.
  • Exploring Ha Giang can be physically demanding, with significant amounts of travel involved, which can make you hungry quickly. Not all areas in Ha Giang have food establishments, especially along the mountain passes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to carry some snacks to avoid going hungry.
  • If you decide to rent a motorbike in Ha Giang, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect the bike before taking it, both for your safety and to avoid misunderstandings when returning it.
  • For long-distance motorcycle trips, especially for those who have experience in motorbike adventures, you probably already know that wearing a full-face helmet is necessary to ensure your safety.
  • If you visit the buckwheat flower fields in Ha Giang, please be extremely careful not to step or trample on the flowers. Farmers put a lot of effort into growing them, so let’s respect their hard work.
Ha Giang loop 2 day
Please refrain from stepping on the buckwheat flowers

And that concludes the Ha Giang loop 2 days. I hope my shared experiences about the recent trip will be helpful for your upcoming journey to explore and experience Ha Giang. Wishing you a complete and meaningful trip.

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