Ha Giang Tour 2 Day – Dong Van Geopark

All in price: $130

Book your personalized tour with us and get to know the beautiful scenery and culture of the Ha Giang Province. On this 2 day tour you will visit various small towns, along a breathtaking route through Ha Giang.

You have the option to sleep in a homestay or in a hotel. We provide friendly English speaking guides, who will tell you more about the area along the way. There will be plenty of stops to take beautiful photos. It is possible to do the tour by motorbike or car, whichever you prefer.

What to bring with:
Comfortable Clothes
Mosquito repellent
Swim wear

Day 1 Ha Giang City – Heaven Gate – Lung Tam Village – Yen Minh – Dong Van Town

During your first day you will see a big change in the scenery when you drive into the mountains before the town of Tam Son. This is the first glimpse of what will lie ahead for the rest of your tour.

The tour takes you through the Karst Geopark. The Dong Van Karst Plateau is a major geoheritage sight in Vietnam. You will see a lot of rice fields, thousands of limestone rocks and magnificent views. People will be working on the land and you will get a taste of rural north Vietnamese countryside life.

The driver can also take you to the Chinese border and the famous northernmost viewpoint in Vietnam. Before driving to the town of Dong Van, you will make a stop at the residence of the Vuong family, which is still called “Palace of Hmong King”.

The trip will then continue to Dong Van town. Here you can walk around the town, enjoy dinner and relax.


Day 2 Dong Van Town –Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – Yen Minh – Ha Giang City

On this day you will also stop at the famous Ma Pi Leng pass where you can see the Nho Que river underneath. This pass is well known; most tourists call this the most beautiful part of the loop. Just after the pass you will take another road back to Yen Minh. This road takes you through equally beautiful landscapes as the first day.
From Yen Minh the route takes you back to Ha Giang City.
During the tour you will see the different cultures and hill tribes such as the H’mong tribe living in the Ha Giang province. Their beautiful clothes are easily recognisable. You will be impressed along the way by all aspects of the trip, the stunning views, fascinating countrylife and beautiful cultures.
The whole trip is an immensely rewarding experience and will give you life-long memories.

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